Episode 10: Christian Pabst

In this episode, pianist and composer Christian Pabst is on the show to talk about his new trio record Inner Voice. We discuss his choice to return to the pure piano trio format, his intuitive and image based approach to composing and how his work as a film composer differs from that of an improvising musician and bandleader.

Christian recommended the graphic novel series The Incal written by Alejandro Jodorowski and originally drawn by Jean Giraud (Moebius). He also recommended looking into the North Sentinel Island, home to some of the last remaining people untouched by modern civilisation.

Please visit Christian's website to purchase his music, find tour dates and more information.

Music featured in this episode:

photo by Bart Voorbergen

photo by Bart Voorbergen

"Dante's Dream" and "Flabbergasted" from the album Inner Voice.
Christian Pabst - piano
Marco Zenini - bass
Erik Kooger - drums