Episode 31: Reinier Baas

Guitarist Reinier Baas recently released "Smash Hits", an album with his longtime collaborator Ben van Gelder and the prestigious Metropole Orchestra. In this episode he tells Pat about the process of translating his small ensemble compositions into orchestral pieces, his particular voice on the guitar, as well as his new project "Minute music", a series of one minute pieces written specifically for Instagram video.

Reinier recommended Kit Downes’ solo record Obsidian, as well as Joris Roelofs and Han Bennink’s record Ikarus (as discussed on episode 19 of this show!).

Please visit Reinier’s website to purchase his music and find tour dates.

Music featured in this episode:

”Stuiter” from the album Smash Hits
Reinier Baas - guitar
Ben van Gelder - saxophone
Christian Elsässer - conducting
Gerd Hermann Ortler - arrangement
and all the members of the Metropole Orkest

“Filter” unreleased recording
Reinier Baas - guitar, coffee filter, sympathetic piano strings

thumbnail picture by Govert Driessen, edited by Stijn van der Pol.