Episode 36: Alisdair Pickering

Guitarist, composer and arranger Alisdair Pickering joins Pat for a special episode discussing "Red Light Solo", the documentary he produced featuring up and coming jazz musicians from the Amsterdam scene. He tells Pat about his decision to study composition and arranging rather than performance, his project orchestrating music from the Commodore 64, and his work with film director Ryan Smith.

Alisdair recommended Peter Gabriel’s albums with orchestra: New Blood and Scratch My Back.

Please check out the documentary Red Light Solo” on Youtube, as well as Ryan Smith’s other films to be found on that channel.

Music featured in this episode:

“Greatness of Things” from a live recording by Enea Besana and the United Soloists Orchestra
Alisdair Pickering - arrangement, orchestration
Enea Besana - drums, composition

Extracts of various pieces by the Guy Salamon Sextet, from the documentary Red Light Solo.
Guy Salamon - drums, composition
Ian Cleaver - trumpet
Lucas Martinez - saxophone
Teis Semey - guitar
Youngwoo Lee - piano
William Barrett - bass