Episode 42: Teis Semey

Guitarist Teis Semey joins Pat to discuss his record "Where the Fence is the Highest", how he was inspired to write suites of music based on Van Gogh's japonism as well as Nietzsche's three metamorphoses, featuring several bands on his album and his plans for an upcoming self produced EP.

Please visit Teis’ website to find more of his music and tour dates.

Teis recommended Ben van Gelder and Reinier Baas’ upcoming record Mokum in Hi-Fi, that is available for pre-order and will be released in September.

Music featured in this episode:

“Palm” from the album Where the Fence is the Highest.
Teis Semey - guitar
Mo van der Does - alto sax
Alistair Payne - trumpet
Jort Terwijn - double bass
Sun-Mi Hong - drums

“Fall (Dear November)” from the album Where the Fence is the Highest
Teis Semey - guitar
Fuensanta Méndez - vocals
Xavi Torres - piano
Nicolò Ricci - tenor sax
Jort Terwijn - double bass
Guy Salamon - drums