Episode 45: Natalio Sued

Saxophonist and clarinettist Natalio Sued joins Pat on this week's episode. They discuss his love for the saxophone/bass/drums format, the sources of inspiration he finds outside of music, and how he went from rejecting to embracing tango and Argentinian folk music.

Please visit Natalio’s website to find more information, tour dates, and to purchase his music.

Natalio recommended Paul Kingsnorth’s book Confessions of a recovering Environmentalist as well as Ellery Eskelin’s album Solo Live at Snugs.

Music featured in this episode:

“Mates y Termos” from the album Native Speaker.
Natalio Sued - saxophone
Matt Adomeit - bass
Tristan Renfrow - drums

“Lila en la pirámide” from the album Grillos.
Natalio Sued - clarinet
Guillermo Celano - guitar
Adán Mizrahi - bass
Marcos Baggiani - drums
Martín Sued - bandoneón