Episode 34: Alex Simu

Clarinettist and saxophonist Alex Simu is the lead of an international quintet, their latest project is called "Echoes of Bucharest". In this episode we discuss the clarinet and how he is contributing to the manufacture of new forms of the instrument, his love for Bucharest and the music it has inspired, as well as his approach to film composing.

Alex recommended In the search of the miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky.

Please visit Alex’s website for more information, tour dates and to purchase his music.

Music featured in the episode:

“Slowly Dancing for Peace” from the album Echoes of Bucharest.
Alex Simu - clarinets
George Dumitriu - guitar, viola
Franz von Chossy - piano
Jörg Brinkmann - cello
Kristijan Kranjčan - drums, cello

”Quiet Storm” from the album Free Fall
Alex Simu - clarinets
Lucian Ban - piano

Episode 19: Joris Roelofs

In this episode my guest is (bass) clarinettist Joris Roelofs. We discuss his choice to focus on the clarinet, his study and love of philosophy (Nietzsche in particular), and how his new duo with drumming legend Han Bennink came to be.

Joris recommended Franz Kafka's short story "Investigations of a Dog".

Please visit Joris' website to find more information about his projects, upcoming tour dates and to purchase any of his music.

photo by Marcel Bakker

photo by Marcel Bakker

Music featured in this episode:

"Guidi" and "Gustav 2" from the album Icarus.
     Joris Roelofs - bass clarinet
     Han Bennink - drums