Episode 15: Sanem Kalfa

In this episode, Turkish vocalist Sanem Kalfa joins me to talk about her new album "Dance". We discuss how she went from studying classical cello in Turkey to jazz singing in the Netherlands, the 10 year collaboration with her bandmate George Dumitriu, and how they drew inspiration from the poetry of Rumi for this album.

Sanem recommended reading Rumi, there are too many different collections of his poems and stories to name any specific one.

Please visit Sanem's website to purchase her music and find tour dates. There is also a site specific to her duo with George Dumitriu that can be found here.

photo by Ismet Kisaoglu

photo by Ismet Kisaoglu

Music featured in this episode:

"Dance" and "408" from the album "Dance".
     Sanem Kalfa - voice, electronics
     George Dumitriu - guitar, viola, electronics

Episode 01: George Dumitriu

In this episode, guitarist, violinist and viola player George Dumitriu comes on the show to talk about his latest trio record Proverbe. We discuss his use of romanian proverbs to inspire improvisations, adding strings and electronics to the traditional guitar trio and his increasing love for and exploration of the viola.

George recommended Andrei Tarkovsky's 1975 film "The Mirror" and the book he couldn't remember the title of is "Sculpting in Time".

Please visit George's website to purchase his music, find more information and tour dates.


Music featured in this episode:

"Proverb 3" from the album Proverbe.
     George Dumitriu – guitar, violin & viola
     Mattia Magatelli – double & el. bass
     Kristijan Krajnčan – drums & violoncello

"Solo viola improvisation" live at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam on 27/09/2017.
     George Dumitriu - viola