Episode 32: Gidon Nunes Vaz

Trumpeter Gidon Nunes Vaz is releasing a new quartet album entitled There's No End. In this episode he joins Pat to discuss the legacy of his late mentor Peter Guidi, touring Japan as a soloist and playing with local musicians, as well as how his research into Kenny Dorham lead him to spend an afternoon with the legendary Jimmy Heath.

Gidon recommended the work of philosopher/speaker/writer Krishnamurti.

Please visit Gidon’s website for more information and to purchase his music.

Music featured in this episode:

“Yesterday’s Dreams” and “Lazy Afternoon” from the record There’s No End.
Gidon Nunes Vaz - trumpet
Denise Jannah - guest vocals
Timothy Banchet - piano
Thomas Pol - bass
Yoran Vroom - drums

Episode 30: Laura Polence

Vocalist Laura Polence is releasing her debut album "Side by Side"' this week. She and Pat discuss the making of her new record and the process of recording for the native DSD format, the Latvian scene and how the fall of communism affected the current generation of musicians, and her love of Brazilian music.

Laura recommended the work of poet Karl Kempton, specifically his book Poems about Something & Nothing.

Please visit Laura’s website to find more information as well as to purchase her new record.

Music featured in this episode:

“Viena Pati Dvēselīte part 1” and “Short Summary” from the album Side by Side.

Laura Polence - vocals
George Dumitriu - viola & guitar
Lennart Heyndels - bass
Saskia Oving, Una Bergin, Laurien Schreuder, Femke Smit, Sanne Huijbregts, Irene Rametta, Mara Berzina and Anna Maria Nitschke - choir

Episode 20: Joost Lijbaart

In this episode, drummer/percussionist Joost Lijbaart is my guest on the show. We talk about his long lasting musical relationship with Yuri Honing, the origin story of his latest project Under the Surface, and his approach to musical entrepreneurship.

Joost recommended the band Codona, specifically their ECM album The Codona Trilogy.

Please visit Joost's website to find his tour dates and to purchase any of his music.

Music featured in this episode:

Lijbaart 3344.jpg

"Above" from the album Under the Surface.
Joost Lijbaart - drums, percussion
     Sanne Rambags - vocals
     Bram Stadhouders - guitar, electronics

"Intertwined" with Batik from the album Headland.
Joost Lijbaart - drums, percussion
     Wolfert Brederode - piano
     Ed Verhoeff - guitar
     Mark Haanstra - electric bass