Episode 03: Bobby Petrov

In this episode, drummer Bobby Petrov (of Tin Men & the Telephone) comes on the show to talk about his own band Jazzanitza. We discuss his background and choice to study abroad, the details of how he and his colleagues integrate Bulgarian folk music into their jazz playing, and his advocacy for jazz education in his country of origin.

Bobby recommended Kenny Werner’s book Effortless Mastery.

Please visit Bobby's website to purchase his music, find more information and tour dates.

Music featured in this episode:


"Tantzi Mantzi" and "Gagarin" from the album Jazzanitza.
   Borislav Petrov – drums
   Dimitar Liolev – alto saxophone
   Vladimir Karparov – tenor and soprano saxophones
   Ludmil Krumov – guitar
   Lyubo Tsanev – piano
   Boris Taslev – double bass