Episode 04: Pit Dahm

In this episode, drummer Pit Dahm comes on the show to discuss his trio/quartet record Omicron. We talk about the people on his record and his choice to form a collective of musicians to work with, his open ended approach to performance and the treatment of his compositions, as well as the story behind the formation of his band and the recording of his debut album.

Pit recommended the 2008/2009 documentary series World War II in Colour.

Please visit Pit's website to purchase his music, find more information and tour dates.

Music featured in this episode:

photo by 101studios

photo by 101studios

"Omicron" and "Vilnius" from the album Omicron.
   Charley Rose - alto saxophone
   Harmen Fraanje - piano
   Lennart Heyndels - bass
   Pit Dahm - drums