Episode 26: Gerri Jäger

Drummer Gerri Jäger is one half of the duo Knalpot, and they have a new record out called Dierendag. In this episode, Gerri discusses his hybrid electronic/acoustic drums setup, the history of Knalpot, as well as his new project as a leader STUG.

Gerri recommended the electronic music artist Chris Clarke.

Please visit Gerri’s website to get more info, tour dates and to purchase any of his music.

Music featured in this episode:

“Indianerwurst” from Knalpot’s album Dierendag.
Gerri Jäger - drums, synths, electronics
Raphael Vanoli - guitar, synths, electronics
Sandor Caron - sound design

"Breathing” by STUG, live at Korzo The Hague 23/11/17
Sofia Jernberg - vocals, sampler
Joachim Badenhorst - tenor saxophone
Raphael Vanoli - guitar
Trevor Dunn - bass
Gerri Jäger - drums, electronics

thumbnail photo by Raoul Hilbink

Episode 25: Stephanie Francke

Stephanie Francke is a member of the Spoken saxophone quartet. In this episode of the show she talks to Pat about their new album Artic Monsoon, how she came to be a jazz musician, and taking a step back from the stereotypical role of saxophonist as leader and soloist.

Stephanie recommended Yuval Noah Harari’s bestseller Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.

Please visit Stephanie’s website, as well as that of the quartet Spoken for more info, tour dates and to find where you can purchase their music.

Music featured in this episode:

Inspector” from the album Arctic Monsoon by Spoken+2.
Stephanie Francke - alto and soprano saxophones
Wietse Voermans - alto saxophone
Jasper van Damme - tenor saxophone
Ruben Verbruggen - baritone saxophone
Sanne Huijbregts - vocals, glockenspiel
Friso van Wijck - drums, percussion

Two Moons” from the album Ripples.
Stephanie Francke - soprano saxophone
Koen Schalkwijk - piano
Guus Bakker - bass
Niek de Bruijn - drums

Episode 24: Mark Haanstra

Bassist Mark Haanstra joins Pat to discuss his duo project with viola player Oene van Geel. They talk about this unusual instrumentation, creating music based on the photography of Udo Prinsen and their new record Shapes of Time.

Mark recommended taking a look at the work of photographer Udo Prinsen, as well as listening to Raphael Vanoli’s solo album Bibrax.

Please visit Mark and Oene’s website for more information and to purchase Shapes of Time.

Music featured in this episode:

“Skúli” and “Cyclo” from the album Shapes of Time.
Mark Haanstra - bass guitar, double bass
Oene van Geel - viola
Raphael Vanoli - guitar, effects
based on the photography of Udo Prinsen

No new episode this week, but some recommendations

I decided to take the week off, so there's no new episode today. I'll be back in two weeks with a new guest, but in the meantime I have a couple of related podcasts I'd like to recommend!

First is the Improvised Music Agenda Podcast, hosted by Huw V Williams. Huw started his show shortly after I did mine, he is based in London and he has had a bunch of great guests on for conversations that are well worth your time.

Second is The Jazz Session with Jason Crane. I can't say enough good things about this show, it started my love for podcasts years ago, introduced me to tons of new music and planted the seed that would eventually inspire me to start Sound of the Moment. After quite a few years of absence, Jason just started releasing new episodes to add to an already massive catalog.

Episode 23: Kevin van den Elzen

In this episode, my guest is drummer Kevin van den Elzen. We discuss the scene in Los Angeles, why he chose to move there and what that has meant for his career, as well as his love for Big Band music.

Kevin recommended Kenny Werner's book "Effortless Mastery", that you may remember was previously recommended by Bobby Petrov in episode 3 of the show!

Please visit Kevin's website to find his tour dates and to purchase any of his music.

Music featured in this episode:


"Take it Day by Day" live at the Bimhuis on 06/10/2017.
     Kevin van den Elzen - drums, composition
     Ben van Gelder - alto saxophone
     Mike Lebrun - tenor saxophone
     Adam Hersch - piano
     Max Kraus - bass

"Hero with a thousand faces" by the Dutch Concert Big Band live at the Grachtenfestival on 16/08/2018.
     Vince Mendoza - composer
     Jasper van Damme, Donald Simoen, Bernard van Rossum, Joao Driessen and Jessie Brevé - saxophones
     Jos van den Heuvel, Peter Keijsers, Matthias Konrad and Bart van Gorp - trombones
     Ywo Lamonaca, Florian Sperzel, Coos Zwagerman, Gidon Nunez Vaz and Jan-Willem te Kiefte - trumpets
     Koen Schalkwijk - piano
     Durk Hijma - guitar
     Tobias Nijboer - bass
     Kevin van den Elzen - drums

Episode 22: Itai Weissman

In this episode my guest is the Israeli saxophonist and EWI player Itai Weissman. We talk about his band Used to be New and their record Popular Emotions as well as his love of the EWI, its history and its status as a misunderstood instrument.

Itai recommended practicing sports!

Please visit Itai's Bandcamp page to purchase his music, and follow this link to the new album on Spotify.

Photo by INDVDU

Music featured in this episode:

"Binyamin" and "N.I.S." from the album Popular Emotions.
Itai Weissman - saxophone, EWI
     Diego Rodriguez - bass
     Henning Luther - drums

Episode 21: Camiel Jansen

In this episode, bassist Camiel Jansen joins me to talk about his band Ikarai, working with both jazz and classical musicians and their new boxing themed project MUHAMMAD.

Camiel recommended the book Congo: The Epic History of a People by David Van Reybrouck.

Please visit Camiel's website, as well his band Ikarai's to find tour dates and purchase any of his music.

photo by Karen van Gilst

photo by Karen van Gilst

Music featured in this episode:

"Flight of the Butterfly" from MUHAMMAD and "Fernweh" from FLY.
     Camiel Jansen - bass
     Julian Schneemann - piano
     Jeroen Batterink - drums
     Tessel Hersbach - violin
     Yanna Pelser - viola
     Bence Huszar - cello

Episode 20: Joost Lijbaart

In this episode, drummer/percussionist Joost Lijbaart is my guest on the show. We talk about his long lasting musical relationship with Yuri Honing, the origin story of his latest project Under the Surface, and his approach to musical entrepreneurship.

Joost recommended the band Codona, specifically their ECM album The Codona Trilogy.

Please visit Joost's website to find his tour dates and to purchase any of his music.

Music featured in this episode:

Lijbaart 3344.jpg

"Above" from the album Under the Surface.
Joost Lijbaart - drums, percussion
     Sanne Rambags - vocals
     Bram Stadhouders - guitar, electronics

"Intertwined" with Batik from the album Headland.
Joost Lijbaart - drums, percussion
     Wolfert Brederode - piano
     Ed Verhoeff - guitar
     Mark Haanstra - electric bass

Episode 19: Joris Roelofs

In this episode my guest is (bass) clarinettist Joris Roelofs. We discuss his choice to focus on the clarinet, his study and love of philosophy (Nietzsche in particular), and how his new duo with drumming legend Han Bennink came to be.

Joris recommended Franz Kafka's short story "Investigations of a Dog".

Please visit Joris' website to find more information about his projects, upcoming tour dates and to purchase any of his music.

photo by Marcel Bakker

photo by Marcel Bakker

Music featured in this episode:

"Guidi" and "Gustav 2" from the album Icarus.
     Joris Roelofs - bass clarinet
     Han Bennink - drums

Episode 18: Marike van Dijk

In this episode, saxophonist, composer and bandleader Marike van Dijk is on the show to talk about a new album by her ensemble the Stereography Project. We discuss how she got into writing for large ensembles, her collaboration with singer songwriters Jeff Taylor and Katell Keineg, and working with both Amsterdam and New York based bands.

Marike recommended Emma Frank's album "Ocean av", as well as the band Breastfist's new record "Amuse Deuce".

Please go to Marike's website to find her tour dates, more info, and to purchase any of her music.

Music featured in this episode:

photo by Lily Chen

photo by Lily Chen

"Paper Thin" from the album The Stereography Project feat. Jeff Taylor and Katell Keineg.
Jeff Taylor - Vocals, Guitar
     Marike van Dijk - Alto Sax
     Anna Webber - Flute / Tenor Sax
     Lucas Pino - Clarinet / Tenor Sax
     Jay Rattman - bassclarinet / Alto Sax
     Alan Ferber - Trombone
     Sita Chay - Violin
     Meg Okura - Violin
     Eric Lemmon - Viola
     Susan Mandel - Cello
     Manuel Schmiedel - Piano
     Rick Rosato - Bass
     Colin Stranahan - Drums

"There You Go" from the album The Stereography Project feat. Jeff Taylor and Katell Keineg.
Katell Keineg - Vocals, Guitar,
     Marike van Dijk - Alto Sax
     Charlotte Greve - Flute/Alto Sax
     Maarten Ornstein - Clarinet/Tenor Sax
     Ben van Gelder - Bassclarinet
     Matthias Konrad - Trombone
     Jasper van Rosmalen - Violin
     Annelieke Marselje - Violin
     Rani Kumar - Viola
     Amber Docters van Leeuwen - Cello
     Manuel Schmiedel - Piano
     Sean Fasciani - Bass
     Mark Schilders - Drums

Episode 17: Kaja Draksler

In this episode, pianist and composer Kaja Draksler is my guest. We discuss her choice to study contemporary classical composition, her various projects from octet to solo, her love of vocal music and the upcoming Doek festival.

Kaja recommended reading Carl Gustav Jung, specifically Four Archetypes and Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

Please go to Kaja's website to find her tour dates, info about each of her many projects, and to purchase any of her music.

Music featured in this episode:

photo by Beata Szparagowska

photo by Beata Szparagowska

"A Promise is a Promise" from the album Gledalec.
Kaja Draksler - piano, composition
     Björk Níelsdóttir - voice
     Laura Polence - voice
     Ada Rave - reeds
     Ab Baars - reeds
     George Dumitriu - violin, viola
     Lennart Heyndels - double bass
     Onno Goveart - drums, percussion
     text by Adriana Minou

"Dusk, Mystery, Memory, Community" from the album To Pianos.
Kaja Draksler - piano, composition
     Eve Risser - piano

Episode 16: Mark Alban Lotz

In this episode, flautist Mark Alban Lotz joins Pat to talk about his new record "Food Foragers". They discuss how his collaboration with Alan Purves came about, Mark's cross-overs with world music, the challenges of solo performance, and how embracing the accidents of life has benefited his work.

Mark recommended an exhibition currently running at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam by Studio Drift entitled "Coded Nature". It will be ending on 26th of August this year, so catch it while you can!

Please visit Mark's website to purchase his music and find more information as well as tour dates.

Music featured in this episode:


"Abu in the Sky" from the album "Food Foragers".
Mark Alban Lotz - flutes, effects, voice
     Alan Purves - percussion, all sorts of sound making devices

"Goureh/mWPm" from the album "Liingu, A Fula's Call"
Mark Alban Lotz - flutes
     Omar Ka - vocals, guitar
     Afra Mussawisade - percussion
     Rafael Vanoli - guitar

Episode 15: Sanem Kalfa

In this episode, Turkish vocalist Sanem Kalfa joins me to talk about her new album "Dance". We discuss how she went from studying classical cello in Turkey to jazz singing in the Netherlands, the 10 year collaboration with her bandmate George Dumitriu, and how they drew inspiration from the poetry of Rumi for this album.

Sanem recommended reading Rumi, there are too many different collections of his poems and stories to name any specific one.

Please visit Sanem's website to purchase her music and find tour dates. There is also a site specific to her duo with George Dumitriu that can be found here.

photo by Ismet Kisaoglu

photo by Ismet Kisaoglu

Music featured in this episode:

"Dance" and "408" from the album "Dance".
     Sanem Kalfa - voice, electronics
     George Dumitriu - guitar, viola, electronics

Episode 14: Robert van der Padt

In this episode I’m joined by pianist, bandleader and booking agent/promoter Robert van der Padt. We discuss his band Tyranni Flock’s new EP, the process of recording and releasing his music, and how he founded and runs his own booking agency Bird Call Bookings.

Robert recommended Christian Scott's latest releases as part of his centennial trilogy, specifically Diaspora. For any self promoting musicians, he also recommended Matt Fripp's website Jazzfuel.com, which is full of great resources and information.

Please visit Robert's website for tour dates, info about his booking agency and to purchase his music.

Music featured in this episode:

photo by Felipe Pipi   

photo by Felipe Pipi


"In Control" and "Dive in the Deep" from the EP "Tyranni Flock".
Robert van der Padt - keyboards
     Itai Weissman - EWI
     Remi J. Edson - flutes
     Hidde Roorda - bass
     Willem van der Krabben - drums



Episode 13: Dominic J Marshall

In this episode, pianist, keyboard player and beat maker Dominic J Marshall is on the show to talk about two new releases: his beat tape Compassion Fruit, and his trio record Cave Art vol. 2. We discuss his love of hip hop and beat music, how he brings produced music from the studio to the stage, and his decision to make a record with only covers.

Dominic recommended Doris Lessing's "Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta" (from her series of novels "Canopus in Argos")

Please visit Dominic's website to find more info, tour dates, and links to purchase his music.

Music featured in this episode:

Dominic Marshal -2398IMG_23981.jpg

"REspect" from the album "Compassion Fruit".
Dominic J Marshall - keyboards, samples & electronics
     Jamie Peet - drums

"Kon Queso" from the album "Cave art vol. 2"
Dominic J Marshall - keyboards & arrangement
     Sam Vicary - bass
     Sam Gardner - drums

Episode 12: Vuma Levin

In this episode, South African guitarist Vuma Levin joins me to talk about his latest quintet record "Life and Death on the Other Side of the Dream". We discuss the themes of identity and history intrinsic to his work, as well as its political nature, his experience of coming to and eventually leaving Amsterdam, and his recent return to Johannesburg.

Vuma recommended two books: The Quiet Violence of Dreams by K. Sello Duiker and NW by Zadie Smith. He also recommended Charlie Kaufman's animated movie Anomalisa.

Please visit Vuma's website to find tour dates and more info, and to purchase any of his music.


Music featured in this episode:

"Hashtag" and "Rebirth" from the album "Life and Death on the Other Side of the Dream".
Vuma Levin - guitar
     Bernard van Rossum - saxophone
     Xavi Torres - piano
     Marco Zenini - bass
     Jeroen Batterink - drums

Episode 11: Felix Schlarmann

In this episode, German drummer Felix Schlarmann is on the show not only to discuss his music, but also the yearly festival that he founded and organizes: Jazzfest Amsterdam. We talk about  this year's edition and some of his approaches to booking the festival, his latest collaboration with Jasper Blom and Sean Fasciani around the music of Stevie Wonder and a new quartet project in the making.

Felix gave a couple of Berlin based recommendations: the jazz and experimental music venue Donau115 as well as the ancient Egyptian collection in the Neues Museum.

Please visit Felix's website to find information about his upcoming shows and to purchase any of his music. You can also go to Jazzfest Amsterdam's website to find details about this edition as well as future editions of the festival.

Music featured in this episode:

Photo by Maarten van der Kamp

Photo by Maarten van der Kamp

"Landscapes" from the album Counterlife.
     Felix Schlarmann - drums
     Floris van der Vlugt - bass clarinet
     Lars Dietrich - alto saxophone
     Franz von Chossy - piano
     Pat Cleaver - bass

"Eternity" recorded live at the Bimhuis.
     Felix Schlarmann - drums
     Wolfert Brederode - piano
     Bram Stadhouders - guitar
     Jasper Stadhouders - bass

Episode 10: Christian Pabst

In this episode, pianist and composer Christian Pabst is on the show to talk about his new trio record Inner Voice. We discuss his choice to return to the pure piano trio format, his intuitive and image based approach to composing and how his work as a film composer differs from that of an improvising musician and bandleader.

Christian recommended the graphic novel series The Incal written by Alejandro Jodorowski and originally drawn by Jean Giraud (Moebius). He also recommended looking into the North Sentinel Island, home to some of the last remaining people untouched by modern civilisation.

Please visit Christian's website to purchase his music, find tour dates and more information.

Music featured in this episode:

photo by Bart Voorbergen

photo by Bart Voorbergen

"Dante's Dream" and "Flabbergasted" from the album Inner Voice.
Christian Pabst - piano
Marco Zenini - bass
Erik Kooger - drums

Episode 09: Bernard van Rossum

In this episode, saxophonist, composer and bandleader Bernard van Rossum joins Pat to discuss his project the BvR Flamenco Big Band and their most recent album Luz de Luna. We talk about how he started writing for and leading his own large ensemble, his approach to melding jazz and flamenco music and the recording of their second album (featuring some very special guests).

Bernard recommended Seamus Blake's 2015 album Superconductor as well as the photography exhibition Human Nature by Lucas Foglia currently on display at FOAM in Amsterdam until the 15th of April 2018.

Please visit Bernard's personal website or the BvR Flamenco Big Band's website to purchase his music, find tour dates and more information.

Music featured in this episode:

Bernard pic.jpg

"La Gaviota" and "Luz de Luna" from the BvR Flamenco Big Band's album Luz de Luna.
Bernard van Rossum - soprano saxophone, composition, arrangements & lyrics
     Antonio Serrano - harmonica
     David de Jacoba - voice
     Carlos de Jacoba - guitar
     Maria Marin - voice
     Edsart Udo de Haes - flamenco guitar
     Udo Demandt - percussion & cajon
     Miguel Hiroshi - palmas & percussion
     Jasper van Damme, Miguel Ortega, Joao Driessen, Fernando Sanchez & Bruno van der Haegen - saxophones & other woodwinds
     Gerhard Ornig, Bruno Calvo, Gidon Nunes Vaz & Evgeniy Bondarev - trumpets
     Jos van de Heuvel, Oliver Emitt, Matthias Konrad & Pablo Martinez - trombones
     Xavi Torres - piano
     Marco Zenini - bass
     Joan Terol - drums

Episode 08: Allison Philips

In this episode, trumpet player Allison Philips is on the show to discuss her eponymous trio EP. We talk about her studies at the New School as well as the Amsterdam conservatory and the differences between the two scenes, how she composed for and recorded her trio EP, and the do-it-yourself attitude that lead to Flea Boy Records, the label and musical collective she co-founded.

Allison recommended Russel Shorto's book Amsterdam: A History of the World's Most Liberal City (and also mentioned his more recent work The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan and the Forgotten Colony That Shaped America)

Please visit Allison's website to find tour dates and more information. You can also visit the Flea Boy Records page to buy all of her music, as well as the rest of their catalogue.

Music featured in this episode:


"Wheel" from the Allison Philips trio EP.
     Allison Philips - trumpet
     Alessandro Fongaro - bass
     Robin van Rhijn - drums

"September No. 1" from the Deicont | Philips Collective EP.
     Allison Philips - trumpet
     Mike Deicont - bass
     Louis Cohen - guitar
     Alex Kirkpatrick - drums
     Connor Parks - drums